Rob Morrissey

Rob Morrissey

Backend Developer in London


Hey I'm Rob. I'm primarily a backend engineer building realtime services/APIs and bridging them to the client through React.

Stack: Elixir, Rust, Typescript, Node, React, SwiftUI

Work Experience

2022 — Now

At Hop, I built the backend/infrastructure that was responsible for running customer deployments, a service that allowed for internal networking between customer containers, billing & the API.

Services include:

  • Led a team of 4 developers to ship a platform as a service MVP within 5 months

  • Worked on the domain system allowing customers to attach domains to deployments

  • Built a service in Rust that powered internal networking between customer projects

  • Built the API that powered Hop in Typescript/Node

  • Built the realtime socket service to stream down logs to the user on the client

  • Built the orchestrator that powered customer containers in Elixir

  • Built a data ingestion service that fired webhooks based on selected events

  • Built the billing backend that build customers every minute for each container based on the resources they provisioned

  • Worked with Kubernetes in provisioning infrastructure

  • Worked on a fork for environment inference as part of the customer build system

2020 — 2022
United States

At Giggl, I was responsible for crafting realtime experiences using a combination of Elixir, WebRTC and Typescript. I wrote it's WebRTC signalling service and realtime socket service that powers the client. We raised $2.2m from Craft Ventures & more.

Services included:

  • Built the realtime socket service that powered Giggl in Elixir (user messaging, user presence, etc)

  • Built the realtime RTC service using mediasoup as a SFU

  • Worked on the API that powered Giggl

  • Worked with Kubernetes in provisioning infrastructure

  • Built the service that provisioned containers (user portals) in realtime and handled queing

  • Built the portal VM runtime that handled streaming to our SFU, cursor movements, user typing that allowed the user to interact with the portal in realtime

  • Raised a seed and featured in TC

Side Projects

Contributor at Lanyard

Lanyard allows users to expose their Discord presence so that it can be retrievable via a RESTful API, I contributed to the building of the realtime socket service for this

Creator at Sakuralingo

An AI companion to help you navigate Japan (Testflight)

  • Built the auth system including allowing users to sign in with Apple

  • Built and designed the app in SwiftUI

  • Fine tuned the model with LLaMa-2



Giggl was listed as a hot up and coming livestream startup in 2021


"The companies are taking somewhat different approaches. The startup on which Craft just made a bet, leading its $2.2 million seed round, is Giggl, a year-old, London-based startup that invites users of its web app to tap into virtual sessions. It calls these “portals” to which they can invite friends to browse content together, as well as text chat and call in. The portals can be private rooms or switched to “public” so that anyone can join."